The adopted, extended family of God

Laura Brennemann was our visiting speaker this past Sunday, and I was personally appreciative and challenged by her words.  Thanks, Laura.  – Ron Simkins

I hope many of you were able to worship with us last Sunday and hear the teaching. Here are some thoughts and musings I had following  what Laura shared with us on Sunday morning:

Christianity has been around for a long time now in world history. Most of the world thinks that they know what church is. Do they? Do we?

One of the images for what the church was created to be is that of God’s extended family of adopted children. This was a very meaningful image in the 1st century since it demanded being a community that crossed the deepest social and status boundaries of the time. And, it was an image that included people from both sides of these boundaries as joint heirs of God’s purpose for the human race.

Furthermore, adoption is an image that grants immediate extended family status, but assumes that it will be a long process of learning how to live up to that newly given status.

How does this metaphor help you better understand the family of God, and our purpose in joining together as a family?

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