Flowing from My Heart

“Let’s go around the table and each person say what they’re thankful for.”  What a lovely tradition. So why do I balk at it? And feel bad for doing so. I worry that I’m not thankful enough. Which is partly true. Hezekiah Walker’s Grateful plays in my head.

Grateful, grateful, grateful,
Gratefulness, it’s flowing from my heart

Each of us is in such different situations right now. How can I say what I am thankful for, when it might be the very loss you are mourning? What if my “blessing” is something you need? This has always been challenging for me, but I feel it keenly now.

I hold in my heart those who are sick. Scared. Suffering. I hold up those who are alone. For many years or for the first time. For those who are worked to exhaustion- we pray. For those who aren’t sure how to go on- we bring them before the throne of mercy. 

Flowing from my heart
Are the issues of my heart

Somehow we hold all these at once. Lifting our prayers and our loved ones. While also being thankful. Joys and sorrows together. Wedding vows spoken, babies born, pets adopted. The losses are many, but the sun keeps breaking through. 

Wherever we are, may we find things for which we are thankful. May our eyes be opened to recognize our blessings. May we be able to give and to receive grace from the Lord’s hand. 

“What’s Good”
11/22 Order of Service

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