About Us

Where we began and what we believe

The roots of NCF began in the early 1970s as a prayer and Bible study group in the home of one of our founding pastors. We “officially” became a fellowship in 1976. We aren’t a part of any denomination, but rather than calling New Covenant “non-denominational” we think it’s more accurate to refer to our fellowship as “multi-denominational.”

ncfbymeg_websized-20We are a fellowship that is very centered in what God has moved forward in human history through Jesus, and in wanting to make sense of that gift in the real world today. We believe that no human being, and therefore no Christian, has it all figured out. We also believe that humans have unimaginable potential, yet will only have a chance to reach that potential through the gracious interventions of God in human history.

One of the reasons we call ourselves a fellowship rather than a church is that we’re a community of people, not a building on the corner of Randolph and White. Many families in our fellowship are multi-denominational or multi-ethnic. Many individuals who worship with us didn’t grow up in a church at all, or have had hurtful past experiences tied to religion. Being open—and accepting the realities of our diverse faith journeys—makes us a community that many different people call home.

We are a community of people who:

29099352872_7698f6749a_k…desire to honor Jesus and follow him, acknowledging we won’t always get it “right”
….put loving God and loving one another above any other doctrine or teaching.
…try to balance our desire for intellectual honesty, passionate worship, and meaningful action.
…want our worship time to be safe and inviting for people of all ages and backgrounds, without expectations or judgement.
…are seekers, searching for answers to big questions we may never fully grasp.
…try to actively resist polarization, whether religious, political, economic or racial.
…believe mercy and justice work is a necessary response to God’s word through scripture and to Jesus’ life.
…encourage youth and children to participate meaningfully in all aspects of our life together.
…acknowledge our need for God’s restoration and healing in our individual and fellowship life together.
….come from a variety of economic, educational, and life experiences that challenge us to learn to be family.

Sunday Mornings at New Covenant Fellowship

29099350002_8b4b57ef2b_oWe begin worship at (or close to) 10:30 am with singing. The services, which generally last about 90 minutes, then include a teaching, time for prayer, weekly communion at tables open to all who wish to grow closer to God, and a closing time of worship and singing.

An infant nursery and toddler room are available during the entire service for children up to 5 years old, and older children are invited to Sunday School classes just before the pastor’s teaching time. There is also a cry room at the back of the sanctuary and quiet activities for children who choose to stay in the worship service with their parent or other adult.

Striving to build bridges in our community & world.

Bridges are all about connecting. At New Covenant Fellowship, the bridge has become a meaningful symbol because it’s another way to think about a covenant—it represents God’s work to bridge the chasms in our lives and our world. As a community of believers, we strive to be:

ncfbymeg_websized-7Biblical: seeking to understand God’s love and pursuit of people throughout time

Relational: learning how to be family  together with Jesus

Intergenerational: building relationships across age groups through worship and service

Doing justice: recognizing and challenging sinful systems that divide us

Giving freely: sharing our time, talents and resources

Embracing diversity: seeking to reflect the breadth of God’s creation and kingdom