Author: Renée Antrosio

Stay Woke

As you do all this [love your neighbor as yourself], you know what time it is. The hour has already come for you to wake up from your sleep.  Romans 13:11     Wake up. Then stay woke. Stay what? I was surprised to hear “stay woke” in my head when I encountered the epistle reading

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Raw ingredients, transformed and exalted

I didn’t grow up with TV. My parents weren’t into it, the reception in rural Montana was terrible, and there were better things to do. Of course, I binge-watched at my grandparents and got hooked on occasional shows in college, but TV was easy for me to give up once the kids came along. Until we started

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Bob Dylan and the Parable of Showing Mercy

I grew up listening to Bob Dylan on 8-track tapes in our Chevy station wagon as we crisscrossed Montana to attend every Noxon HS basketball game, lulled to sleep by the familiar voice and then awakening to it later as we bumped down our rocky dirt road arriving home. My parents had given away all

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