Our Citizenship

October 18, 2020


I Will Call Upon the Lord

Welcome (Elizabeth and Nathan)

Jesus Said

Matthew 22:15-22 (Karen Hogenboom)

Hail Jesus, You’re My King

In Him the Fullness of Deity Dwells

Prayer (Jeff Trask)

Isaiah 45:1-7 (Jennifer & Crystal)

Isaiah 43

Our Citizenship” (Pastor Renée)

Communion (Julian & Arlene)

Break Every Chain

God is My Refuge

Kingdom Come

Benediction (Just Married!- Pat Reid & Kristi)

Creator of all,
you have called us
and chosen us to be your people.
By the power of your Holy Spirit
may we bear witness
with joy and conviction
to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Goodness is Stronger Than Evil

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