Jesus is Good News…

…especially for the marginalized, sick, poor, and forgotten. Working toward more justice and mercy in our community and the world has been at the core of New Covenant Fellowship since we first began meeting together in the mid-1970s.

Mentoring and Education

Jesus gave life-changing instruction to fishermen, women, tax collectors, and uneducated crowds. We believe the gospel goes hand-in-hand with education in addressing injustices in the world. We support after-school and mentoring programs in Champaign and in the Mississippi Delta, and prison education in California.
CU 1-to-1 Mentoring ~~Spring Initiative~~

Shelter and Housing

Jesus relied on community generosity for shelter, identifying with the needs of the homeless. We support local emergency shelters and transitional housing, and partner to build and repair homes in support of homeownership.
CU Men’s Shelter~~Austin’s Place~~Courage Connection~~Restoration Urban Ministries~~ Habitat for Humanity

Hunger and Health

Jesus attended to people’s basic needs by feeding the hungry and healing the sick. Food and healthcare continue to be pressing needs in our communities today. Our involvement with the Christian Community Development Association informs and inspires our partnerships with local ministries addressing these needs. Randolph St Community Garden~~
Champaign Cty Christian Health Center~~Eastern IL Foodbank~Bridges of Peace Intl

A “justice incubator”

We see the NCF building as a space God has given us to share with mercy and justice organizations so they can grow into their potential. Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and the CU Men’s Emergency Shelter have each used our building as a stepping stone—enabling them to envision the need and expand their services. We currently house the Greater Community AIDS Project (GCAP) food pantry and Austin’s Place Women’s Shelter.

Emerging Ministries

We don’t always know what our “next thing” will be, but we’re praying and looking to see where God is at work in the community and how we might be able to come alongside and support that work. Our annual Thanksgiving offering enables us to support new ministries and respond to NCF members’ passion for service. Meanwhile, our Family Fund helps us address basic and emergency needs in our wider fellowship network.