Jesus is Good News…

Acting justly and loving mercy enable us to walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8.) We are honored to partner in Jesus’ work of healing the sick, identifying with the homeless, feeding the hungry, blessing the children, educating the poor, advocating for the marginalized, and overturning tables of economic injustice.

We allocate 30% of our income to support ministries of justice and mercy. Our Family Fund assists fellowship participants in times of crisis. We are invigorated by the call to Reparations as we identify as neighbors to the previously enslaved, for whom God provides through the sharing of wealth to finance freedom (Exodus 3:21-22; 11:2-3, and 12:35-36.) Solar panels on our roof help us care for creation.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in building God’s kingdom through giving time and resources. Find us at a C-U Reparations Coalition monthly meeting or the Interfaith Picnic and Grateful Gathering. Participate in prayer, worship team, technical service, Green Team, or children’s ministry. We live into our identity as the family of God through serving together. Contact Associate Pastor melissa.ncf@gmail.com to get involved!


Signing the Faith in Place Anti-Racism statement in 2020 led to Zoom Reparations Conversations in 2021: Civil War & Holocaust Reparations; Compensation Models; Native Americans, Tulsa, and Monuments; The Church’s Role in Slavery; What Now?. In 2022, we established an NCF Reparations Committee, chaired by Jeff Trask, and created a Reparations Fund supported by our annual budget and individual donations. The C-U Reparations Coalition began in 2023 to unite people in good faith toward reparation projects in our community. On Juneteenth 2024, the NCF Reparations Pilot Project launched with twenty college savings accounts for African-American grandchildren.

A “justice incubator”

We see the NCF building as a space God has given us to share with mercy and justice organizations so they can grow into their potential. We have been honored to host Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, the CU Men’s Emergency Shelter, Austin’s Place women’s shelter, and the Greater Community AIDS Project (GCAP) food pantry until they grew into their own spaces.

We don’t always know what our “next thing” will be, but we’re praying and looking to see where God is at work in the community and how we might be able to come alongside and support that work. Our annual Thanksgiving offering enables us to support new ministries and respond to NCF members’ passion for service. Meanwhile, our Family Fund helps us address basic and emergency needs in our wider fellowship network.