Church in the Garden & Romans LGBTQ+ Inclusion Study

October 14, 2018

October 14 was a joint worship & workday with Church of the Brethren at the Randolph St. Community Garden. (See Facebook for photos!) Since there was no recorded teaching, we instead draw your attention to the Sat Jan 20, 2018 “Sticky Scriptures” Study of Romans.

Text of Romans 1-3 used in this study.

Part 1: Pastor Renée Antrosio presents research on same-sex behavior in 1st century Rome as systemic exploitation of slaves, captives, and adolescents. She explores the meanings of “nature” in the biblical language, in which God is presented as working “unnaturally” to grant salvation. Listen: Culture, “Nature” and Behavior. Read: Culture, “Nature”, and Behavior.

Part 2: Examine Paul’s rhetorical trap of “us” and “them” in which Roman believers are condemned for judging their pagan neighbors, and how Christians have fallen into this same trap. Listen: Paul’s Rhetoric. Read: Paul’s Rhetoric

Summary of the Romans LGBTQ+ Study