Sacrificing Systems

June 28, 2020


Come, Let Us Go

Welcome (Stina Krist) 6-27-20
Psalm 13:1-6 (Matt Roeschley)
Prayer on Lorna’s Passing (Paige Weston)
Reflection for Lorna (Maureen Burch)
What is this Love? (Jim Croegaert)
70 faces: Torah Poems by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat:
The angels say (Adam Fein)
God and I (Vern Fein)

excerpt from Rob Bell’s What is the Bible? (Jubal Croegaert, Laura Lindeman)

Genesis 22:1-14 (Roberto & Cheryl Sabas)

Teaching “Sacrificing Systems” (Pastor Renée) text
Benediction (Ron Simkins)

Vocals: Mark Foley, Matt Roeschley, Laurie Kaufmann, Kennis Freedman, Katie Courter, Michael Linder; Gladys Hunt on Shackles
Instruments: Mark Foley, acoustic guitar; Jim Linder, keyboards and wind controller; Michael Linder, bass and drums

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