“Success” and Freedom

May 17, 2020

Bulletin 5/17/20

Great and Wonderful (pdf)

Welcome: IMG_4873  (Laura Lindeman)

Walt Kelly reads from Psalm 66

O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus (pdf)

Everywhere I Go I See You (pdf)

Prayer by Bonnie & Paco Zamora (English and Spanish)

Jason Berg reads Acts 8:4-13

Renée’s Teaching Pt 1: The Look of “Success” (text)

Jason Berg reads Acts 8:14-25

Teaching Pt 2: Released to Freedom (text)

Communion (Elizabeth Rieke; piano by Kevin McGuire)

Change My Heart, O God (pdf)

Eyes on the Prize (pdf)


Shackles (pdf)

Today’s Musicians:

Vocals: Brian Mustain, Laurie Kaufmann, Suzanne D’Andria, Katie Lundell Courter, Matt Roeschley, Gladys Hunt and Michael Linder. Instrumentalists: Jim Linder on keyboards & Klezmer clarinet; Louie Pappas on guitar & saxophone; Laurie K on guitar; Mark Foley on electric; and Michael Linder on drums, tambourine, bass, keyboards, synth pads, tuba, & multiple vocal lines. Production Manager & Mix Master:  Michael Linder

Tithes and Offerings: 124 W. White St, Champaign, IL 61820 or via PayPal (fees slightly reduce tax-deductible donation)

Special gifts toward installation of solar panels on NCF roof in 2020, mark with memo: SOLAR