Easter 2021: Expanding Joy

April 4, 2021


O Happy Day (Jeff Trask)

Welcome (Lee Ann & Walt Kelly)

Scripture:  John 20:1-18 (Sabas Family)

Was it a Morning Like This?
(video with kids’ artwork)
(for audio only, scroll to the end)
                    Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Prayer (Paco Zamora)

Goodness is Stronger than Evil

Acts 10:34-43  (Brian Mustain)

Expanding Circles of Joy”  (Pastor Renée)

Communion: Hide-n-Seek Afikomen Reflection

In Him the Fullness of Deity Dwells

We Believe in the Name (Asha McMullen)

Benediction (Matt & Aja)

Shackles (Gladys Hunt)

Easter Greetings Video

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Was it a Morning Like This? (Jim Croegaert)