Praying that our eyes will be healed

In my teaching Sunday, as part of the series on Ephesians, I asked us to pray the following prayers so that the Lord can make us the “Body of Christ”—the vehicle for Jesus’ presence and activity in the world in a manner that reflects who he is and was.

We would love for those of you who look at our Website to pray these prayers with us, and share your reflections and insights in the comments section here, as well.

PRAYER # 1 – “Make us (make me) a place for you to live. Fill us (fill me) with your presence and your activity.”

PRAYER # 2 – “Give us clearer eyes and ears to see and hear Jesus in each of our sisters and brothers in New Covenant, Champaign-Urbana, and in the world.”

PRAYER # 3 – “Help us to allow our daily life to BE Jesus’ presence TO others, and to SEE Jesus’ presence IN others.”

PRAYER # 4 – “Help all of us who claim Jesus—in New Covenant, in churches in this town and country, and across the world—to prize the diversity of people that Jesus has and is drawing to himself, and to celebrate those people as Jesus loves to do.”

Let’s keep praying these prayers.

Love and Blessings to you,

Ron Simkins

* * *

– How have your eyes been healed, so that you could see someone in a new way?
– What keeps us from seeing Jesus’ presence in others?

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