If God can do it alone, why involve us?

I was recently involved in a discussion group in which this question was raised: Why would God choose to involve me in a process he could clearly handle alone? Not surprisingly, it brought about some interesting discussion. Here are some of the insights I remember (hopefully pretty clearly) from the discussion:

Perhaps sometimes God is trying connect me to someone else in a way that gives them some objective sense that God is attending to them. The person offering this question said that she had been led to pray for someone who she hardly knew and still hardly knows. Yet, she found out several days later that this person had gone through a very difficult labor and birth process right at the time she had been led to pray. Maybe it helped to know someone who hardly knew her had been led to pray right at that time.

– Related to that point is this: Sometimes God might include one of us in a nudge to pray for someone we hardly know, because no one closer to the person is paying attention to these nudges.

– I suspect the importance of prayer is a big part of this. To be honest, prayer is not easy for me, yet I have experienced hundreds of blessings and breakthroughs for others and myself when I have prayed. I’m not sure why prayer is still so hard, but being involved in the process and being led to prayer does seem to be gradually deepening my relationship with God.Real relationships involve being interested in the people who matter to the person I am relating to. Perhaps, as part of his relationship with us, God wants us to be more interested in the people God is especially interested in at the moment. Isn’t this kind of conversation and exchange one of the key ways relationships deepen?

What if one of God’s main purposes is to teach us to co-labor in God’s history? What if God doesn’t want to do history alone, but also doesn’t want us to try to do it alone? If this is so, it may be that often God will not choose to act unless we care enough to join in the process. (And, of course,  prayer is one of our primary ways of partnering in this working of God.)

Give these some thought. What possibilities would you add to this list?

Grace and peace,

Pastor Ron Simkins

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