Seeking your biggest theological questions (& a more interactive blog)

For a variety of reasons, my writing for this pastoral blog was very sporadic this summer. But, the break did give me an opportunity to think about what might be both more productive and more fun in the future. As always, Kristin our website editor, has been full of helpful ideas. So here’s what we’re thinking, moving forward.

Whether you are a participant in New Covenant Fellowship as many of our readers are, or you just happened upon this blog, or you know me from other setting, I would like to invite you help me choose the topics for future blog posts. You can do this in several ways through the “comment” section following this or any other post here:

– Make a comment or ask a question in response to the blog topic for the week.

– Suggest a “follow up” or tangential topic of interest that is sparked by the current blog topic.

– Suggest a topic or pose a question for a future blog that has nothing or little to do with the current one.

I will plan to get to it as soon as possible. I love thinking about your comments, your thoughts, your interests, and your questions.  I also enjoy researching questions that I do not know much about yet.

If you have been following the blog at all, you know that I attempt to write from a biblical and theological perspective. So, starting today, if there is a topic, a question, or a issue that you would enjoy having me think out loud about in a theological context, please use the “comment” section below.  I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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Editor’s note from Kristin: Anyone who knows Ron knows that his background in theology and philosophy, paired with his personality—he loves a challenge, loves a good discussion, and loves digging deep—make him a great resource for anyone grappling with theological issues. So we invite everyone to take Ron up on this great offer! I also believe this communal way of digging deeper, even on the Internet, will bring us closer to God and closer as a community.

3 Comments On “Seeking your biggest theological questions (& a more interactive blog)”

  1. What is your belief about end times and rapture?


  2. Carla thanks for the question. I certainly believe and long for God to send Jesus to finish fulfilling the reign of God on earth as he promised to do. The promise that humanity, creation, the church, and everything else will finally be brought to God’s goal that God has purposed since the beginning is beyond my ability to grasp, but incredibly exciting to try to grasp. On the other hand, there is really no support for the “rapture” theories in the scriptures. They were developed a couple of centuries ago and are mostly wishful thinking on the part of some Christians. The biblical view seems pretty clearly to be that great tribulations (trials and hardships) occur in various parts of the world and history throughout history though they may spiral into a more world-wide time at some point. But the passage that says “save them out of the great tribulation” uses the same Greek phrasing that is used by the writer of Hebrews chapter 5 in saying that Jesus was “saved out of death” by God. He was saved “out of” it by going through it; and believers go through trials and tribulations all the time as well and depend on God saving us “out of” them as we go through them. Glad to follow up if you wish. Blessings. RS


  3. Pastor,
    Conditional vs. Unconditional

    Q. In your view , will God forgive sin without remorseful contrition?
    (ie. Is it necessary to ask forgiveness in order for God to forgive?)

    Jesus has two natures – Divine and human.

    Q. Did Jesus the man die on the cross? True
    Did “God” suffer and die on the cross ?


    Dan Falcone


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