Thanksgiving: Will We?

Is it ironic, or is it actually a clear expression of our cultural values, that we Americans have allowed all of our major holidays to become associated primarily with either buying and selling and/or with drinking and eating too much? Christmas has long been owned by the market. Thanksgiving has become “early Black Friday.” Easter is perhaps less tied to this than it used to be, but for many it is still mostly about clothes and candy.

Those of you who know me know that I like to eat, I enjoy a good beer or glass of wine, and I appreciate finding a good sale. Still….

So, here’s a challenge to all of us: Whatever else you do this Thanksgiving, take some time to truly and genuinely be thankful. It will soften your heart, both toward God and your fellow humans. It might even make you more pleasant for your family and friends to be with this week.

Claim this great promise and challenge from the Psalmist: “When you sacrifice thank offerings, you honor me, and you prepare the way so that I may show you the salvation of God.”  Psalm 50:23

In biblical language, “salvation” includes wholeness, healing, and health as well as rescue. Perhaps a little more thankfulness will allow God to bless you—and those around you—with more of these great gifts during this Thanksgiving week.

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts about this post, or if there is another topic you’d like me to explore in a future post, please leave a comment. I always enjoy your questions and thoughts.

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