Life-giving Blood

Holy Week. Palm Sunday. Blood Drive. They go together, right? Or does it seem that “one of these three is not like the others….”?

Are we having a Blood Drive at church? During the service? Really?

Our challenge this Lent has been to “double down” on community. Singing with other neighborhood churches. Studying a book together. Participating in our fellowship auction of services. Making a home for the Men’s Winter Shelter. Signing up for the Interfaith Habitat Build. And now celebrating Palm Sunday with a community breakfast and Blood Drive.

Through all of these actions, we have been asking Jesus to open our eyes and our hearts to our community. What is the work God is doing? Where are we being invited to partner with the Lord? To love God with our whole selves and our neighbor as ourselves: this is our calling. Jesus was faithful to this love to the point of surrendering his life, giving his blood. What new steps of faith is Jesus inviting us to take?

Symbolism and practicality. Blood and life. Sacrifice and gift. The “G” in our BRIDGE is “Giving Freely”. Of time. Of money. Of talents and gifts. And perhaps for the first time as a community church together, of blood. Some of us can sing. Some can teach children. Some can put up drywall. Some can make muffins or buy fruit to share. We can all eat. 🙂

I can think of no better way to begin Holy Week than with breakfasting together… while some of us give blood. The church hall has been blessed. Once home to Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. Winter home to the Men’s Emergency Shelter. Palm Sunday home to a potluck breakfast and Blood Drive. Invite your friends. Bring some donuts. Talk to someone you haven’t seen for awhile. The coffee will be ready and hot.

In whatever ways we can offer ourselves up during Holy Week, may we experience together the truth that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:35)

(To schedule an appointment to give blood, follow this link.)

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