February showers

Rain in Champaign. Snow in Denver. Falling on us collectively, alone in our cars and on the crowded freeway. Watering the earth. Initiating a process of rebirth,

making it conceive and yield plants
and providing seed to the sower and food to the eater,
   Isaiah 55:10 (CEB)

Are we the hungry today? Needing the word of life, from the very mouth of God, to sustain us. Are we also the sower? Spreading that word to those around us. Knowing that it doesn’t depend on us to make it grow. That is God’s business.

So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;
It will not return to Me empty,
Without accomplishing what I desire,
And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.
 Isaiah 55:11 (NASB)

I am reassured that I am not responsible for the success of God’s word. I don’t make the rain or snow fall. God provides the seed, and I just scatter it. I am both sower and eater. I am fed. Daily.

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us…
as we forgive…
And lead us…
but deliver us… 
Matthew 6:9-13 (KJV)

Today I noticed the corporate language of the Lord’s Prayer. Despite the exclusive use ofus and we, I wonder if most American Christians are actually praying:

My Father…
Give me…
Forgive me…
Lead me…
Deliver me….

We have a great need to rediscover us language. The connection to our fellow humans. For our bread, to make and eat together. For our sins- of violence and selfishness- of which we are corporately guilty, we need forgiveness. For direction and deliverance from the messes we have allowed and created. In our schools. Across our land.

What is the Lord’s word for us today? That together we may spread it. For rebirth, forgiveness, direction, and deliverance from evil. That together we might usher in God’s kingdom. Oh Lord, may your word accomplish your desires. May your kingdom come, and your will be done, right here on earth, as it is in heaven.


Bulletin: 2/18
Order of Worship: 2/18
Service: Salvation, Witness, and Freedom in Gal. 1-3

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