Sitting at His Table

As we rejoice in the hope of the risen Lord, we dine at the table of the King. May this poem from our own Greg Wallace enable each of us to find our place.

Sitting at His table
I will gladly take the last seat
The seat reserved for me
The seat somewhere at the end of the table
My King will sit in front
I will serve as a watchman for Him
Not that He needs one
But it makes Him happy knowing I volunteer to be His watchman
So many things have gone wrong here in life
So many amazing things have gone right here in life
The blessings
The curses
When will I get the proper sleep?
I will take the last seat
The one reserved for me
The table is long and I can’t see His face
But even the ones sitting next to Him
They can’t see His face either
It’s the last seat
And I will
With great joy and gratitude take it
Just let me be at the table

Bulletin: 4/1
Order of Worship: 4/1
Service: the Foolishness of Easter

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