The Now and the Not Yet

One friend announces her retirement. Another young friend interviews for her first job out of college. Tonight we attend high school graduation- as parents. Transitions. Futures that we glimpse, but are largely unknown.

For the first time ever, I had the privilege of submitting requests for the set lists in Jim Croegaert’s concert. And Changes seems just as relevant today as when he wrote it over 35 years ago. So many friends gathered to experience worship through Jim’s music; each person knew the truth in their own lives of the lyrics:

So we enter a new time
There are places where it’s a hard climb
But there are faces carrying sunshine
Warming our path as we go

I was reminded of the importance of friendships, of community. That we are united through music and worship. It was a beautiful thing. Emotions, truth, and tissues.

Reading in 1 Peter 1, I noticed the tension between present and future. For prophets who searched, inquired, and wondered about the grace to be revealed. For believers who hope and rejoice, even in the midst of difficulties. All anchored by God’s faithfulness, guarding an inheritance and salvation to be revealed.

I also noticed the beautiful dance of minds, hope, and action:

Therefore, once you have your minds ready for action and you are thinking clearly, place your hope completely on the grace that will be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Pt 1:13 (CEB)

Reminding me to look more carefully at what comes before the “Therefore”- the connection of the prophets to those who proclaim the good news through the Holy Spirit. It is by God’s grace, through the faithfulness of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit, that we live into our new identity as God’s chosen. As we sing:

You gave us the hope
In which we stand
For which we praise you
You give us the songs
Give us the words
With which to say
you are Lord.

May we continue to hope and praise, trust and rejoice- even in the midst of various trials- as we live into our inheritance as God’s children.


If you would like to purchase Jim Croegaert’s CDs, you can reply to this email or contact him directly at We will make those available at NCF later in June (without shipping costs :).
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