Why Retreat?

As we prepare for our fellowship-wide retreat just one month away, Victor Fein reflects on the meaning and purpose of retreats. On each of our journeys, in each of our communities, may we choose and find time for this spiritual practice. Thank you, Victor, for these thoughts to guide us. -Renée

The dictionary defines retreat as….
“A period of seclusion for the purpose of prayer and meditation.”

Retreats offer time outside of one’s normal routine. An opportunity
to step away from the norm opens us to insightful perspectives.

Typically, retreats have a theme, which often include deliberate rituals and
conscious questions to stimulate heart-opening interaction. The hope is
to create an environment of honesty and openness while learning
from others’ experiences, empathizing and being compassionate.

Personally, I have attended and led many retreats.
There are retreats offered that focus on a variety of topics.
Some I have attended focused on spiritual growth, meditation
others on personal psychological insight,
yet others on facing your fears.

The primary purpose of the men’s retreats I have led for New Covenant
has been to draw us closer together through
sharing personal history and stories.

Entire New Covenant retreats have focused on spiritual growth,
as well as opened the door to diving deeper into one another’s lives.
We have used play and conscious conversation to promote those ends.

We at New Covenant share a wonderful community. We link arms around
many issues of compassionate outreach and empathy.
Through sharing our stories, praying together and playing together,
our community draws closer.


(For more details on the Aug 10-11 NCF retreat, see our Facebook post here.)

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