Body Building

A community is more than a collection of individuals; each of us contributes a unique aspect of our identity in Christ. This poem from Victor Fein articulates the beauty of these interactions when we come together for worship. May we be open to share, and open to receive, what God gives us through each other. -Renée

Morning service.

some will come in peace
others will bring with them discomfort
one will bring sadness
another grief

a child will bring with him innocence
an elder her wisdom
he brings rhythm
she the voice of an angel

he will be accompanied by grace
one will bring a lesson to consider
while another a prayer to share
the joy of the parts coming together

the body becoming one
gathered round the tables united by him
the bread, the wine
by what he has done for us
by what he has taught us

hands joined form
a necklace
around Him
a community of love.

V. Fein… 2016

Bulletin: 8/12
Order of Service: 8/12
Service: Holy Ground & Fertile Soil

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