A Way Out

This poem was written by Vic Fein after his bypass surgery in late 2017, following which he was having regular panic attacks. A way to find relief was when he would seek Jesus’ presence. May his words speak a truth we need to hear. –Renée


I need something, 
something to divert my mind.
It keeps being drawn to dark spaces 
where fear sits around 
on chairs and couches, patting the seat next to it, 
beckoning me to join. 
Part of me knows better; 
part of me is drawn toward them. 

I feel my psyche approaching the couch. 
I hesitate then reach for a pill. 
Opening the bottle I pause, ask myself
is there another way 
to stay out of this psychic cave?

I need to focus on my breathing, 
to breathe deeply 
to cast out the slithering angst 
inhabiting my being.
Suddenly I feel a presence. 
I look side to side, 
then behind me but see no one. 
I can feel it though, 
a feeling like when you know 
you are being looked at.  
I go within in search of this presence. 

The spirit of light and love 
appears in human form.
He reaches out His hand for me to grasp.
I notice a deep scar on His palm. 
Our hands unite.  
We walk together 
out of the darkness.

Victor Fein 2018
Bulletin: 2/3
Order of Service: 2/3
Sermon: Affirmation of the Body: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 

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