May Day breakfast. Euchre and Pizza. Friday Food & Friends. Are we busy or lonely (or both)? I contemplate community often. At home, at church, at bars, at fellowship functions and sporting events. What are people looking for? What do they need?

The feeling of isolation is epidemic in our society. Not just our country. Surrounded by people, the world of connections at our fingertips, and yet we feel alone. Various articles proclaim that Sunday morning services are dead. Attendance in mainline denominations declines. Because church doesn’t offer what people crave? (or do we blame them for not wanting what we’re offering?)

We all have our routines. I prefer to play darts at the bar. Weekly, if possible. They have better boards, and we bring our own darts. But first we catch up with the Monday night crowd. Folks we’ve met there, sitting in their familiar places. Community. Sharing lives in a common space. 

It feels like the same hunger. The need to connect, not separated into sacred and secular. Some are satisfied, but many are still longing. 

The community of believers was one in heart and mind….There were no needy persons among them. Acts 4:32,34

Physical needs are the most obvious and pressing. I love to observe this same pattern of giving in our community.  Those who have more resources continue to lay them at the feet of the Family Fund and the Mercy & Justice Fund to distribute to those with needs. I am grateful. And also always looking for ways to do more.

But there are also needs of hearts, minds, and eating together. We are meant to live in community- not alone, but in that complicated dance of relationship. Sometimes we meet Jesus in the local synagogue. Other times Jesus joins us at work. Or at dinner. Jesus went to meet people where they were. Feeding their bodies, minds, souls, and spirits.

Do we meet people where they’re at? Offering what they need? Perhaps, today, we also need to be met. We who are lonely and longing. May we be Jesus to each other today- with our hearts, minds, and bodies. 

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