To Dance (again)

On Sunday, our sister Glor shared beautifully about her favorite song, so I want to pass that on to you. May you be blessed as we have been.  -Renée

Since they moved the podium off of the stage last week, so it wouldn’t block our view of the pianist, I didn’t even have anything to worry about going up or down the 3 steps of the stage area. For me, going down steps is worse than going up.

We think it may be psychosomatic because I had fallen down a set of steps at my former grammar school in Chicago, which led me to getting a new medicine, from my doctor, back in 1970, when I was 14 years old; and then about a month later, I caught the flu, so, I was given an antihistamine; and then about another month later, while I’d still been taking the original medication, I was also given a new mumps vaccine, the combination which put me in a coma, within a week’s time, for nearly a month. 

I thought the speech on Sunday went rather well. I loved how Kristin (my reader) paused at various points. So, in my speech, as I had something like, ‘After the car accident, according to the doctors, I probably would never be able to walk again’, I could even say “HA!” (I didn’t include that it took another set of NPs & a new surgeon 3 more surgeries. I still think the surgeon shouldn’t have done anything to my Achilles heel, which as of June of 2018, they discovered, has 2 muscular bones broken!)

I was shocked when everyone applauded & a lot of people cried. Even I cried, at all I’ve been through! Of course, after the service, a lot of people came up to me, & said ‘Glor, AWESOME Testimonial.” And other gracious things, too.

Good morning, one & all,

I’m Glor Franczak (pronounced Franz-zik). Kristin Tennant offered to get up in front of the congregation with me, to tell you all why I liked one of my favorite songs here at NCF. We sang it on March 10, so, today is my turn.

Even though I can walk again (after a car wreck back in 2008, when the doctors told me that I probably would never be able to walk again), I can still barely speak & still have a lot of muscle control problems in my face & hands, but I still love to hum.  

Plus it used to be my parents’ dream that I become a pianist and/or a singer. But then my main accident shattered their dream; but being a Christian, I have to admit that my destiny was not in piano keys, but rather computer keys. And as Ron Simkins, our former pastor, added ”the keys of compassion.” They say that singing songs inspires those of us with no voice to actually be able to sing the songs sometimes, too, just as long it’s not very fast. So, Patty McNussen, one of my dearest NCF friends, told me she loves standing next to me as we sing our songs.

Anyway, Believe it or not, one of my favorite songs is “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me.  I must admit that it makes me cry 2 times: When its line is ‘Will I dance for you, Jesus?” because prior to the car accident in 2008 that wrecked my knee & my whole life (again), I used to be a Bone Yard Creek Clogger, which is the quickest tap dancing over all of the world.  

And then there is a line that goes something like “Will I even be able to speak at all?” because I really cannot mutter more than a few words and then only to a few of my closest friends! So,  when I cry during a song, I guess it’s usually because there is something deficient in my own life; or it might be from remembering the times when I could do those things!  

Hiho, Glor
Bulletin: 5/19
Order of Service: 5/19
Sermon: Waiting for Pentecost -Acts 11:1-18
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