Our Brother

Tucking in the edges of our wedding quilt to prepare for a young houseguest, I was contemplating family. Colorful squares of trees, red wagons, houses, and hearts lovingly sewn by relatives and friends. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. 

Weddings showcase these relationships- family by birth and by choice. Laboring in the kitchen, decorating the venue, staying late for teardown. Love at work. Beautiful participation, awesome to observe. 

“Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” Matthew 12:48(CEB)

Funerals also remind us of these bonds of love. Lives rich with connections. Extended family remembering together. Friends united to grieve. To celebrate. Michael Powers inspired joy. Toddlers and talented musicians paid tribute. 

“Are all these people here for Uncle Michael?!” the five-year-old wondered. 

Yes! And there are many more scattered around the world who remember his drumming. Wishing we could hear him one more time. Which it turns out is possible! Not his current joyful celebration in heaven, but snippets of life here: J Michael Powers 1950-2019 (Thanks Kevin McGuire for compiling!)

Now united with the Jesus he loves, Michael Powers didn’t collect wealth on earth. His treasure was in heaven, where his heart was also. He didn’t store up funds to pay for his own burial. That’s where family comes in.

Jesus replied, “My mother and brothers are those who listen to God’s word and do it.” Luke 8:21

So many people. Perhaps you are one of those whose lives he blessed, who considers yourself part of Michael’s family. New Covenant Fellowship Church is collecting donations to send to the funeral home to offset these costs. If you would like to contribute to his burial fund, that would be a great help to his relatives. (Please submit with the memo: Michael by the end of this week.)

I rejoiced with those who said to me,
    “Let’s go to the Lord’s house!”
Now our feet are standing
    in your gates, Jerusalem!
 Ps. 122:1-2(CEB)

Michael Powers is rejoicing today. In the Lord’s house. Standing, dancing, singing, drumming, and making a joyful noise. May we also hear his joy.

Bulletin: 9/22
Order of Service: 9/22
Sermon: Solidarity in Hebrews (1&2)
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