baby Jesus in a drawer

“Where is Jesus?” Good question; I search the container of jumbled ornaments and nativity pieces. Also my mind and heart. The books from the library with their own answers. Do I feel Jesus? Or see him? Where do I expect to find him? Today’s gospel reading gives one answer.

After the Lord Jesus spoke to them, he was lifted up into heaven and sat down on the right side of God. Mark 16:19 (CEB)

This seems the farthest away. Open the eyes of my heart Lord…. I want to see you… To see you high and lifted up, shining in the light of your glory. This location informs our worship. But what about the rest of the time? 

The manger is empty. Waiting. Like us in Advent. We stashed baby Jesus in a drawer. Theoretically, he’ll take his place in the stable Christmas morning. But since we travel during holidays, sometimes we forget to take him out. Then I pack him away again. Back to the basement until next year. 

But they went out and proclaimed the message everywhere. Mark 16:20a (CEB)

Quite the contrast. The drawer and the disciples. Am I proclaiming “the good news to every creature”, or have I left Jesus in the cupboard? Or packed him away in the basement of my heart? I am busy.

I just saw a hawk flutter down across the street. I notice that the angels and elves have been gathered into a circle with the camels and cow on my windowsill. I am grateful for the gym, hot water, a cozy home, and the lights of my Christmas tree. 

My mind has been on those without. Prisoners in some way. Who can’t enjoy these luxuries. Separated from friends and family. Some by incarceration. Others by illness, or broken relationships. Where is Jesus? 

The Lord worked with them, confirming the word by the signs associated with them. Mark 16:20b (CEB)

There is some work to be done. Not alone. With words and actions. Perhaps to send a letter, a picture, some words of good news. Can I give a gift of presence? 

“Jesus is in heaven with God,” I answer the three-year-old. “And he can be in our hearts. And he is growing in Mary’s tummy, waiting to be born.”

And he is healing the sick, feeding the hungry, weeping with those who mourn. He is not confined to a cross or a drawer or a basement. He is at work. Confirming the good news through what we do and say.

May I see Jesus at work in the world around me. May I too be part of that work. May my words and my actions be good news, near and far. 

Bulletin: 12/1
Order of Service: 12/1
Sermon: Saying Yes to God

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