Waste Not

Seeds sprout in basements under grow lights. I spotted a crocus in my neighbor’s yard this morning. The sun brings warmth, green, and much-needed Vit D. Not really a gardener, I appreciate the weekly analysis from my local farmer. Who reminds us that water from a hose can never do what rain and snow accomplish. 

Just as the rain and the snow come down from the sky
and don’t return there without watering the earth,
making it conceive and yield plants
and providing seed to the sower and food to the eater,

Isaiah 55:10 (CEB)

In my life as a pastor, I often feel that I am scattering seed. Which is different than planting a bulb. Or poking individual seeds into tiny pots. Like in Jesus’ parable of the sower, I am called to throw a lot out there. Which can feel like a waste of time, effort, and material.

I often consider what went unsaid. How the farmer felt about birds eating the seed. Or why the sower was so sloppy as to throw seed on the path and then walk on it. Or not bother to remove the rocks and weeds before sowing the precious produce. Why don’t we get a description of the anxious gardener, fretting about it all?

Emails go out. Meetings scheduled. Events planned. Teachings offered. Responses vary. From the silence of nothing. To occasional excitement. People getting on board. We don’t see what is happening below ground. But the Lord is not anxious:

so is my word that comes from my mouth;
it does not return to me empty.
Instead, it does what I want,
and accomplishes what I intend. 

Isaiah 55:11 (CEB)

I am in charge of neither the sun nor the rain. The seed itself is a gift, generously supplied. The word wasted never enters the parable. And the outcome is not mine to determine. Or even to worry over. I scatter the seed. And then I sit down to eat. Food that is also abundantly available.

A profound peace settled in yesterday. A sense of everything being well. Despite changes in plans. Uncertainty everywhere. I relish the feeling, as often this awareness is elusive. 

Yes, you will go out with celebration,
and you will be brought back in peace.
Even the mountains and the hills 
will burst into song before you;
all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

Is 55:12 (CEB)

May you boldly and generously scatter seed. May you trust the outcome to the Gardener. May your food be plenty, and your words be blessed. May peace and song be yours today. 

Bulletin: 2/23
Order of Service: 2/23
Sermon: Creation Collaboration: Hebrews 9

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