Wandering & Wilderness

As I read again Carolyn Vance’s poem below, I feel how well these words articulate the difficulty of this Lenten journey. In our unknowing, may we trust the One who calls our name. -Renée

On Unemployment
Disorienting freedom,
Unknown pathways,
Caminos to who knows where.
The way unclear,
The goal wrapped in mystery,
Time of wandering.
How long will I trek in unknowing?
40 years?
To what must I pay attention?
What must I learn/unlearn?
When fears assault me of having no place, no purpose, no hope,
No end to the wandering,
What will I remember?
That Abraham was called to wander, his destination unknown, yet promised.
That Moses led an entire people for 40 years in wilderness.
That wandering and wilderness and unknowing are part of the journey,
Part of the refining,
That unknowing always comes before clarity.
That clarity will come, though now it feels remote.
Help me to wander well,
To experience wilderness rightly,
To embrace the unknowing,
To be unafraid,
(How afraid I’ve been,)
To walk forward,
To trust the process,
To trust the one who calls my name.
Come.Bulletin: 3/8
Order of Service: 3/8
Sermon: Salvation and Time : Hebrews 10

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