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How do we experience Christ, and God’s care for us? Glor Franczak relays how the pandemic has affected her- managing technology and an extensive web of friends and helpers that coordinate her daily details of living. Through these, God’s blessings flow. Thank you, Glor, for sharing the everyday graces of your life.

Even before the COVID-19 craziness, because I can barely speak & walk w/ my walker, I’d been used to isolation; but now a bit more, as I currently use Walmart grocery delivery service. They offered a 2-week free trial basis, though their on-line service only allowed 1x/week at first. Then they offered various options; so, I pay $98/year for unlimited delivery; & shopping on-line is the perfect distraction for me as I stand up to use my old PC, so, it’s akin to exercising! LOL!

CERL (Corps of Engineer Research Lab) is where I work.  After our CERL IT Dept head more or less yelled (in an email) at 4 CERLLites (Annette as one of my Project Managers, Chuck as my supervisor, Bobby as my best guy pal & me) as I used my old PC from NCF (just researching for one of Annette’s projects) here at home, Chuck got my CERL PC & called Bobby to hook it up. I cannot use a laptop due to my hands’ handicaps. Now I can do my other projects! [I missed running weekly labor reports & quarterly fiscal reports]. 

At home, I get only friends who help me: My BFF from the United Garden Hills Neighborhood Association has taken the role of my nurse-aide-helper on W-F-Su, as Rocky {Roxanna} had to quit due to her own health issues. Candice is so busy w/ her distribution job at a few Meijer stores that she can’t do Mondays. And on Fridays, she only does Basics. So, Wednesdays & Sundays are very busy, as we cook together; she cuts all my foods, baggies up snacks, cleans, etc. I’ve even taught her how to cook & make various Risotto & pasta casserole dishes!  And she also has her mom to care for as she lives w/ Candice & Joe; so, she says I’m helping her out by training her how to care for her mom! And Mondays, for the basics, I get to see Elon Z, Tina H (of CERL) or Karen H (from NCF), alternating. 

Since Faith in Action (FIA) no longer gives rides to and/or from medical appts as of February, for my MD appts I have had Elon Z, Ada M (formerly a FIA driver who became a good email pal), Lee Ann K, Eduardo M or Carolyn V (from NCF); oh, and Bobby says he’ll drop me off for my Parkland dental appts, when/if they open up. I just thank God for Ada M who took me to my colonoscopy on 2 consecutive days (due to complications with the prep); Eduardo makes me laugh; & whenever my MD appt is at the main Carle Buildings on University, Elon is thrilled to use my handicapped placard. It makes her feel like a VIP! A virtual High-5 goes to Paige Weston who puts up my many MD appts up on  

I view all these friends as Christ to/for/with me.

I do go outside at about 5am to manually water my flowers (a trio of rose bushes on the south side of my house, Hydrangea bushes, Lavender cat-nip, & shrubs in front of the house), except for the tree out near the front curb & my backyard’s Hydrangea bush & Hosta plants on 2 sides of my gazebo, mint flowers & 2 small trees that are on slanted slopes. Those areas are difficult to do with my walker – on grass. Candice waters those. Roses can only be watered when the temperature is below 72.  Hydrangeas are water guzzlers.  After work, I refill the empty gallons with water & put them outside.  Sometimes I’ll water the Hosta plants, purple peonies, & white Lily of the Valley on the north side of the garage; & on the weekends, as long as it doesn’t rain,  I can use the partial soaker hose with its holes, to water my main backyard 2 floral beds: purple Salvia flowers, 2 red bushes in one, & some prairie grass in the other; no more flowers in the 2nd bed due to sewer lines.

This summer, due to the pandemic, there was no Catholic Heart Work Camp. A group of 3-7 High School students & one adult usually come around the 4th of July. They come from all over the US to help disabled folks &/or organizations w/ difficult chores for 3 or 4 days from 9am to 2:30pm.. They stayed at St Thomas Moore HS & brought lunches donated from a few stores.  As much (or as little) as I can, I’d be out there w/ them. By the Last Day, even I was exhausted.  But it was fun for me, too, getting to know these HS kids & vice-versa.

Because of all my joys & sorrows, I’ve been told that I’ve helped the students; I guess I am a living inspiration, because of God’s blessings, His grace, & love; plus friends.

Hiho, Glor
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