For Now

I am so grateful for the poets among us. May this from Laura Lindeman bless you too. 

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven…
As the shepherds were out living in the fields, keeping watch…”

We were Poor in Spirit,
Living outdoors
Wandering cheerless
Across the Moors.

We were Poor in Spirit,
Watching our sheep
Protecting our assets
Giving up sleep.

We were Poor in Spirit,
With diminished regard
Respect on a par
With a pottery shard.

We were Poor in Spirit,
Alone in the night
Dark on a hillside
Feeling the blight.

Then an angel of the Lord appeared
To us.
And the Glory of the Lord shown 
Around Us

The terror erupts in us all like leaven.
After fear subsides
Still the Angel abides:
And now Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven

The Heavenly Host thunders their praise.
Bystanders, but then our eyes are raised.
Word of Messiah is laid before us
Entrusted at once to join the chorus:
For now Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven

Sent to a city above our station
Where the new census pulls from every nation.
We leave our job of protecting sheep, 
At the mother and infant our grizzled hearts leap:
For now Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven

We’ve been on the margins, in shadows, the edges
Moved center stage from gray mountain ledges.
Our silence and poverty now undone
Souls elevated by seeing God’s Son:
For now Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven

All lives are changed as we speak the Good News
We’re praising and thanking and spreading these truthes.
The many who listened amazed at the Word
The birth of this Baby all poor spirits has cured:
For now Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven

By Laura Lindeman 12/2020
“The Secret of the Gifts”
12/27 Order of Service

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