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I am spoiled (in many ways :). But especially that I get to listen to newly recorded NCF music- even before the musicians hear the final version- each Saturday night when Michael uploads music for me to insert into the service. And if I crave a previously-recorded song, I can search it out for worship. But I have long wanted to be able to listen to an NCF playlist on my phone, in the car, wherever….Technology, with its usual shortcomings, makes that a possibility. Mark Foley is integral to making that available to us, for which I am deeply grateful.  -Renée

Greetings everyone!
As I write this on the last Sunday morning in January, 2021, large flakes of snow are dropping steadily outside my window.  It is about the time that I would normally be at church rehearsing with the worship team.  Being there, I would probably have seen the snow falling outside the narrow windows in the sanctuary, and it would have given me a sense of comfort to know that I was making music to praise and worship the Lord with my friends on a morning like this.  We have worshiped together during the best of times, and during incredible heartbreak.  It has been a consistent for us, and being a part of that team has been, and no doubt will continue to be, one of the great joys of my life.
Instead I find myself alone in my office this morning.  The sound of drums, voices, and instruments now replaced by the laughter and occasional screams of my children downstairs.  Being here is a blessing that I work hard to not take for granted.  And yet, I miss our church family, and I particularly miss our motley crew of singers and musicians.  Oh, the unique, weird music that we make together!  On our best Sundays we come into the presence of the Lord in ways that only music seems to make tangible in this world.  What a gift.
But these are the days between, and we need to do everything we can to stay connected to that music, and to each other.  With that goal in mind, we have begun to upload our worship music to the major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.) in the hope that they will become easier for you to listen to on a regular basis.  As of now we have about 20-30 songs uploaded, but more will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.  These platforms usually have a free option for listening, however if you feel that none of these platforms will work for you, please let me know and I will try to help you figure out a way to listen (
Our artist profile is “New Covenant Fellowship Worship Music” (I like to use the acronym NCFWM, which can be pronounced nnnseeeffffwooommm ← rolls right off the tongue!).  You can use the links below this email to quickly access our pages and subscribe to our profile to easily access the music.
I’d like to emphasize that the decision to distribute this music through these platforms was not made casually.  We are aware that the business model for the recording industry is a broken aspect of 21st century corporate capitalism.  Yet, this is the way that music is distributed to people in our time.  We want everyone to be able to have more of this music in their life as a way to help us get through this difficult time, and to invite Jesus into our days more easily.
As always, thank you for all of the prayers and blessings along the way.  You are all loved very dearly, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you again in person very soon.
Love, Mark Foley
New Covenant Fellowship Worship Music on Spotify
New Covenant Fellowship Worship Music on Apple Music
“Reparations, Jesus-Style”
1/31 Order of Service

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