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Our Family Fund assists folks we know with critical utility bills and rent payments. There are always more needs than we can meet, but this boost can make a huge difference in a tight spot. Matching grants help the Family Fund double that aid. Available funds are based on the percentage of our congregation utilizing faith-based Everence for their own financial services, such as long-term care insurance or investment management. In 2020, the Family Fund received increased grants due to the pandemic, and distributed all of those funds to meet needs in our community. We would like to increase our use of this resource as more of our congregation takes advantage of Everence’s services. Kathy shares her experience below.   -Renée 

My name is Kathy Kearney Grobler. For the last several years I have served as the Everence advocate for New Covenant Fellowship. Everence (originally known as Mennonite Mutual Aid) has provided an array of financial services for families and individuals for over seventy-five years, including:Banking and lending services (consumer loans, auto loans, home equity loans), MyNeighbor credit cards (with a 1.5% donation to card holder’s choice charity or church)Insurance plans and benefits administration services (Annuities, disability insurance, Medicare supplement help plans and group help insurance services, life insurance and long-term care insurance)Asset management services (comprehensive financial planning, investment management, trust and estate planning and administration, business succession planning, charitable services and get plans and family legacy plans)As a fraternal benefit association, a portion of Everence dollars are used for individual and community benefits. New Covenant Fellowship has used these funds to assist our Family Fund in meeting needs of members of the NCF family and community members. The amount of money provided by Everence to member churches is based on the percentage of church participants who use Everence products. Currently, about 10% of the New Covenant family participate in products or services from Everence.
At a personal level, I am pleased with the financial returns and personal support I receive through Everence. If you would like further information about Everence products or would like to talk with me about the services I receive through them, please feel free to contact me at

(NCF contributions through PayPal or by mail with the memo: Family Fund are used exclusively to meet these basic needs in our community.)
“Easter 2021: Expanding Joy”
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  1. We’ve invested with Everence for many years, and especially appreciate their assistance in finding socially responsible funds to support and invest in.


  2. We have had several financial advisors/insurance companies in the last 40+years. Everence is the only one we have felt really listens to us and respects what we want. And actually wants us to grow in faith.


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