where’s the love?

My nun sometimes asks surprising questions. I miss our in-person prayers, nestled in her cozy office. I am easily distracted in phone conversations; I don’t feel very spiritual. I crave her direction, and am grateful for her good health and joyful wonder at Jesus’ goodness. 

“How have you been treating God, lately, my dear?”

Dumbfounded, I had no response. I am not sure I have ever thought about how I am treating God. It is a friendship, she reminds me. Like in my other relationships, I suspect that I can be rather self-centered. God’s goodness towards me is great. I feel loved, abundantly. But am I expressing appreciation, or just trying to fulfill my responsibilities in the work God has given me? 

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” Matt. 22:37

My job is as a manager of God’s household. I rely heavily on the Holy Spirit for inspiration and strength to enable me to be faithful. But has my relationship become a series of tasks to be completed? Where is the love? 

This is not a lecture. To myself or others. My nun’s words contain a gentle prompting. A reminder that God has feelings too. I don’t remember learning that. But the Hebrew scriptures are especially full of God’s emotions. How we treat God, just as how we treat others, matters. 

Perhaps God is like a friend who brings the drinks, prepares a snack plate, and always listens to my woes. So easily we take God for granted. But God is not saying, “what have you done for me lately?” It’s not about the doing. Maybe God too wants to be noticed. Appreciated. Loved. 

So, this week I’m going to focus on my relationship. Less on myself. Less on the work. More on the love. The joy. The beauty. With my heart. My soul. And my mind.

May you feel the love this week. -Renée

3 Comments On “where’s the love?”

  1. I love that question! And your thoughts around it. Thank you for sharing them with us.


  2. Terrific, Renee. Well said. Thanks.


  3. Great reminder. When we are called to share God’s goodness with others, it blesses the Lord, us and the person we share with. So why am I so reticent to share with someone whose faith I’m not sure of? (rhetorical, not looking for answers)


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