not alone

As we navigate the unexpected, together and apart, may we sustain and encourage each other. A poem for our time, by Jim Croegaert, to ponder. -Renée

Lake Michigan, our nearby
wilderness, sometimes turbulent, sometimes
gentle, always alive, always clothed in colors carefully 
chosen and varied according to the day and the     
season – most generous host and neighbor.

Cottonwood Tree at her shores drinks her waters but also
accepts the fury of icy waves that coat bark and fill
crevices; Tree has stood tall and thick over many 
seasons and years, has roots that sprawl, even     
bend to embrace huge rocks at lakeside base, but mainly
suggest others out of sight that reach deep to send nutrients and
life-giving water up to feed branches above.

Can we be like Tree, amidst relentless pandemic, violent
insurrection, climate change-induced natural disasters, etc.?
Yes – because there is grace, and we are not alone.


And such is our prayer for you in this blessed season!
Jim & Janalee

p.s. First new Jim Croegaert album in years – The Sky Above These Clouds – is finally completed and is available at or any of the streaming services – Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, etc. (as are almost all Jim C. recordings now).

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