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The heron took pride of place at the lake this morning. A cool breeze ruffled the blue cornflowers. I listen to the birds calling as I gaze out my window at roses and echinacea and perennial geraniums. Our standard hydrangea tree is just beginning to bloom by the driveway. 

Yesterday I was treated to visits in two different gardens. Watching the bees and dragonflies, the cardinals and bluejays. Such beauty and peace as we lingered and listened. 

Sometimes I can revel in these experiences. Friendship and fellowship. The blessing of a world bigger and beyond my ability and control. I am grateful when I can accept these gifts so generously and graciously given. 

Other days, all I seem to hear are the voices of calamity, within and without. 

When the house of David was told that Aram had become allies with Ephraim, their hearts and the hearts of their people shook as the trees of a forest shake when there is a wind. Isaiah 7:2 (CEB)

Often, the prophets cried out judgment for injustice. Jesus spoke this message as well. Calling out corporate failure to repent and change our ways and systems. The day is coming, says the Lord….

Other times, there is a message of peace. Not because we are righteous. Not because we deserve it. But there is a reprieve, sometimes even when the circumstances appear dire.

‘Be careful and stay calm. Don’t fear, and don’t lose heart…. Isaiah 7:4 (CEB)

I hear this today, in the scripture and from the birds. In the kindness and faith of friends. The little miracles that are happening all around me. 

Take heart. Don’t fear. “…behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matt. 28:20b


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  1. Beautifully said, Renee – Grazie!


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